Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.846
Disclosure of information obtained by Department.


Except as otherwise provided in this section, information which the Department obtains in the course of the performance of its duties relating to storage tanks is public information.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 239.0115, any information which specifically relates to the trade secrets of any person is confidential. The following information shall be deemed a trade secret:


Information concerning fuel additives. For the purposes of this paragraph, “fuel additives” are ingredients which are present in fuel compositions in amounts of less than 1 percent by weight, including detergents, dispersants, demulsifiers and dyes.


Any other information considered to be a trade secret by the Director. A trade secret may include a formula, composition, process, method of operation, compilation of information or apparatus which is used in a person’s business and gives that person an opportunity to obtain an advantage over competitors. In determining whether information is a trade secret, the Director shall consider whether the information is publicly available in written form and, if not, whether its disclosure would tend to affect adversely the competitive position of the owner of the information.


Any information which is confidential under subsection 2 may be disclosed to any officer, employee or authorized representative of this State or the United States if:


He or she is engaged in carrying out the provisions of NRS 459.800 to 459.856, inclusive, or the provisions of federal law relating to storage tanks; or


The information is relevant in any judicial proceeding or adversary administrative proceeding under NRS 459.800 to 459.856, inclusive, or under the provisions of federal law relating to storage tanks, and is admissible under the rules of evidence.
Ê The disclosure must be made in a manner which preserves the status of the information as a trade secret.
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