Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.3829
Permits to construct or commence operation of new process: Requirements; application; regulations; fee.


No owner or operator of a facility may commence construction or operation of any new process that will be subject to regulation pursuant to NRS 459.380 to 459.3874, inclusive, or any regulation adopted pursuant thereto, unless the owner or operator first obtains all appropriate permits from the Division to construct the new process and commence operation of the new process. Before issuing any such permits, the Division of Environmental Protection shall consult with the Division of Industrial Relations of the Department of Business and Industry.


An application for such a permit must be submitted on a form prescribed by the Division of Environmental Protection.


The State Environmental Commission shall adopt regulations establishing the requirements for the issuance of a permit pursuant to this section. An applicant shall comply with requirements that the State Environmental Commission establishes by regulation for the issuance of a permit before the applicant may receive a permit from the Division for the construction and operation of the process.


The Division may charge and collect a fee for the issuance of such a permit.
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