Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 459.825
Coordination of fees, regulations and forms; duties of regulatory agencies.


The Commission shall coordinate:


The collection of fees related to storage tanks;


The adoption of regulations governing storage tanks; and


The standardization of forms used by the agencies of the State and local governments that regulate storage tanks for reporting information relating to such storage tanks.


Each agency of this State and local government that regulates storage tanks shall, in consultation with the Commission:


Cooperate to eliminate any duplication, conflicts or inconsistencies in regulations adopted to govern storage tanks;


Review periodically the forms for reporting information related to storage tanks to determine whether they are complete and easy to understand and, if appropriate, revise the forms accordingly;


Cooperate to develop a uniform format for reporting information related to storage tanks;


Cooperate to ensure that agencies of local governments that respond to emergencies involving storage tanks receive reports of those emergencies in a timely manner; and


Consolidate the collection of fees related to storage tanks.

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