Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.0085
Creation; membership; powers and duties; compensation and expenses of members.


There is hereby created a Committee on High-Level Radioactive Waste. It is a committee of the Legislature composed of:


Four members of the Senate, appointed by the Majority Leader of the Senate.


Four members of the Assembly, appointed by the Speaker.


The Legislative Commission shall review and approve the budget and work program for the Committee and any changes to the budget or work program. The Legislative Commission shall select a Chair and a Vice Chair from the members of the Committee.


Except as otherwise ordered by the Legislative Commission, the Committee shall meet not earlier than September 1 of each odd-numbered year and not later than August 31 of the following even-numbered year at the call of the Chair to study and evaluate:


Information and policies regarding the location in this State of a facility for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste;


Any potentially adverse effects from the construction and operation of a facility and the ways of mitigating those effects; and


Any other policies relating to the disposal of high-level radioactive waste.


The Committee may conduct investigations and hold hearings in connection with its functions and duties and exercise any of the investigative powers set forth in NRS 218E.105 to 218E.140, inclusive.


The Committee shall report the results of its studies and evaluations to the Legislative Commission and the Interim Finance Committee at such times as the Legislative Commission or the Interim Finance Committee may require.


The Committee may recommend any appropriate legislation to the Legislature and the Legislative Commission.


The Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau shall provide a Secretary for the Committee on High-Level Radioactive Waste.


Except during a regular or special session of the Legislature, each member of the Committee is entitled to receive the compensation provided for a majority of the members of the Legislature during the first 60 days of the preceding regular session for each day or portion of a day during which the member attends a Committee meeting or is otherwise engaged in the work of the Committee plus the per diem allowance provided for state officers and employees generally and the travel expenses provided pursuant to NRS 218A.655. Per diem allowances, salary and travel expenses of members of the Committee must be paid from the Legislative Fund.
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