Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.530
Account for Management of Hazardous Waste: Creation; source; separate accounting for certain fees collected.


All proceeds from agreements entered into pursuant to NRS 459.505, all application fees collected pursuant to NRS 459.634, all reimbursements and penalties recovered pursuant to NRS 459.537, and all fees collected and all civil penalties imposed pursuant to NRS 459.400 to 459.658, inclusive, must be deposited with the State Treasurer for credit to the Account for the Management of Hazardous Waste, which is hereby created in the State General Fund. All interest earned on the money in the Account must be credited to the Account. The money in the Account must be paid as other claims against the State are paid.


The State Treasurer shall account separately for each of the fees collected pursuant to NRS 459.512.
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