Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.634
Application for participation in program; action by Administrator on application.


A responsible party with respect to an eligible property, or a prospective purchaser of an eligible property may apply to participate in the program. The application must be made to the Administrator in writing and must include:


An environmental assessment of the property, including the source, nature and location of all hazardous substances known to, or reasonably believed by, the applicant to be located on the property;


A proposed general plan for removal or remediation on the property; and


The application fee and any other information required pursuant to the regulations adopted by the Commission pursuant to NRS 459.656.


The Administrator shall approve or deny an application made pursuant to subsection 1 within 60 days after its submission, unless for good cause the Administrator extends the period for not more than an additional 30 days. Notice of an extension must be delivered to the applicant before the expiration of the original period for processing the application.


If the Administrator denies an application, the Administrator shall deliver to the applicant, within 30 days after the denial, a written explanation of the reasons for denial.
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