Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.826
Regulations of Commission: General requirements.

The Commission shall adopt regulations to carry out the provisions of NRS 459.800 to 459.856, inclusive. Those regulations must be based upon studies, guidelines and regulations of the Federal Government and must:


Set forth a means for an owner or operator of a storage tank to notify the Division of the existence, size and location of and the substances contained in the storage tank;


Issue standards of performance for the operation and construction of a storage tank;


Establish requirements for the reporting of a release from a storage tank and the reporting of corrective actions taken in response to such a release;


Establish standards of financial responsibility for owners and operators of storage tanks;


Require owners or operators of facilities having storage tanks to maintain records and devices for the continuing observation of storage tanks; and


Establish procedures for:


Inspecting and testing storage tanks;


Obtaining samples from storage tanks; and


Reporting to the Department on such inspections, testing and samples.
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