Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.510
Fees for use of areas for disposal owned by State: Amount; payment; waiver; collection of interest; penalties.

The Commission may establish by regulation:


License fees and any other fees for the use of state-owned disposal areas for hazardous wastes, in an amount sufficient to defray all costs of monitoring, securing or otherwise regulating the storage or disposal of hazardous wastes. The fee for use of a disposal area must not be less than 25 cents per cubic foot of material placed in the area. The person who contracts with the State for the use of a disposal area is responsible for the payment of these fees. The Commission may authorize the Department to waive all or part of the fees collected pursuant to this section for wastes generated:


By agencies of the State of Nevada.


In compliance with an order by the Department to clean up a spill or deposit.


Procedures for the collection of interest on delinquent fees and other accounts for the use of disposal areas.


Penalties of no more than $3,000 per day for each separate failure to comply with a license or agreement or $25,000 for any 30-day period for all failures to comply.
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