Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.725
Powers and duties of Director: Administration of provisions; regulations; agreements.


The Director is responsible for administering the provisions of NRS 459.7052 to 459.728, inclusive, and, subject to the limitations contained in those provisions, may adopt such regulations as the Director deems necessary for that purpose. The regulations adopted pursuant to this section must be consistent with any applicable statutes and regulations of the Federal Government.


The Director shall adopt regulations:


For the security of the Repository for Information Concerning Hazardous Materials in Nevada so that it is adequately protected from fire, theft, loss, destruction, other hazards and unauthorized access.


Prescribing the manner in which information concerning hazardous materials is submitted to the Division by state and local governmental agencies.


Providing for the imposition of fees to pay the cost of:


Any registration and permitting required to carry out the uniform program; and


Any other regulation pursuant to the provisions of NRS 459.7052 to 459.728, inclusive.
Ê Money received by the Department from the fees imposed pursuant to this paragraph must be deposited with the State Treasurer for credit to the State Highway Fund and used only to carry out the provisions of NRS 459.7052 to 459.728, inclusive.


The Director, on behalf of this State, may enter into any agreements with:


The Federal Government;


Other states; and


A national repository established to assist in the administration of the uniform program,
Ê as are appropriate for the administration of the uniform program.
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