Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.715
Repository for Information Concerning Hazardous Materials in Nevada.


The Repository for Information Concerning Hazardous Materials in Nevada is hereby created within the Division.


The Commission shall coordinate the collection of information for the Repository and may adopt regulations for that purpose which are consistent with all applicable laws and with any regulations adopted by the Director regarding the management and operation of the Repository.


Every state and local governmental agency concerned with the generation, transportation, shipment, storage or disposal of hazardous materials shall submit to the Division pursuant to the regulations of the Department and the Commission such information it collects regarding hazardous materials as required by the Commission.


The Division shall collect, maintain and arrange all information submitted to it concerning hazardous materials.


The Division may, in a manner consistent with applicable laws and regulations:


Disseminate any information which is contained in the Repository to any other governmental agency concerned with the storage, packaging, disposal or transportation of hazardous materials; and


Enter into cooperative agreements with federal and state repositories to facilitate exchanges of such information.
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