Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.712
Inspections, investigations and reproduction of records: Authority of Department; regulations.


Except as otherwise required by federal law, an authorized agent of the Department may:


Conduct any examination or inspection of a motor vehicle or facility;


Conduct any investigation, audit or other review; and


Inspect and electronically reproduce any record, document or other evidentiary material,
Ê as is necessary to determine the applicability of the provisions of NRS 459.7052 to 459.728, inclusive, and any regulations adopted pursuant thereto, to any person or motor vehicle, and to determine whether the person or motor vehicle is in compliance therewith.


The Director shall adopt regulations governing the inspection of vehicles pursuant to subsection 1 based on standards adopted by a nonprofit organization comprised of representatives from private industry, state agencies, agencies of the Federal Government and other governmental agencies, which is dedicated to improving the safety of commercial vehicles.
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