Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.706
Motor carriers: Prerequisites to issuance of permit to transport radioactive waste; assessment for investigation, inspection or audit outside of State.


The Department shall not issue a permit required pursuant to NRS 459.7052 to a motor carrier who is seeking to transport radioactive waste upon a public highway of this State without first determining that the carrier transporting the waste is in compliance and will continue to comply with all laws and regulations of this State and the Federal Government respecting the handling and transportation of radioactive waste and the safety of drivers and vehicles.


Any motor carrier who maintains his or her books and records outside of this State must, in addition to any other assessments and fees provided by law, be assessed by the Department for an amount equal to the per diem allowance and travel expenses of employees of the Department for investigations, inspections and audits which may be required to be performed outside of this State in carrying out the provisions of subsection 1. The per diem allowance and travel expenses of the employees of the Department must be assessed at the rate established by the State Board of Examiners for state officers and employees generally.


The assessment provided for in subsection 2 must be determined by the Department upon the completion of each such investigation, inspection or audit and is due within 30 days after the date on which the affected motor carrier receives the assessment. The records of the Department relating to the additional costs incurred by reason of necessary travel must be open for inspection by the affected carrier at any time within the 30-day period.
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