Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.3809
“Process” defined.

“Process” means:


Any activity that involves a highly hazardous substance or explosive, including, without limitation, the use, storage, manufacture, handling or on-site movement, or any combination thereof of the substance or explosive.


A group of vessels that are used in connection with such an activity, including vessels that are:


Interconnected; or


Separate, but located in such a manner that a highly hazardous substance or explosive could potentially be released, including, without limitation, the release, fire or explosion in one vessel that could cause a release, fire or explosion in another vessel.


As used in this section:


“Explosive” means any material designated as subject to regulation as an explosive pursuant to NRS 459.3816; and


“Highly hazardous substance” means a substance designated as highly hazardous pursuant to NRS 459.3816.
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