Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 459.3868


A committee shall conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of the following with respect to each facility within its jurisdiction:


The degree of compliance with NRS 459.380 to 459.3874, inclusive, the applicable fire codes, the regulations, standards and safety orders of the Division of Industrial Relations of the Department of Business and Industry, the rules, regulations and standards of the State Environmental Commission and any other standards adopted by the Federal Government, State of Nevada or local governments and their respective agencies for the health and safety of persons and property which may be at risk if those rules, regulations, standards, codes and safety orders are not complied with;


The effectiveness of the respective governmental entities and their agencies’ enforcement of their respective rules, regulations, standards, codes and safety orders; and


The adequacy and effectiveness of the plans for response to emergencies adopted for the area in which the facility is located in responding to risks posed to the persons and property located within the zone of risk.


A committee shall exercise its best efforts to facilitate cooperation among the various governmental entities and agencies responsible for minimizing risks to persons and property posed by the facility within its jurisdiction and the effective enforcement of the various governmental entities’ and agencies’ rules, regulations, standards, codes and safety orders. A committee shall cooperate to the extent necessary with other committees and governmental agencies to minimize the duplication of records, reports or other information.


A committee shall issue a final report of its comprehensive review and evaluation together with any recommendations. A committee shall make such interim reports as it or the Governor may deem in the public interest. The Division shall distribute the reports to the Governor, members of the committee, local governments within the zone of risk, the various governmental agencies whose rules, regulations, standards, codes or safety orders were the subject of the committee’s review and evaluation, and the local media. Copies of the final written report must be made available to the public for purchase at cost of reproduction. All interim reports must be distributed forthwith in the same manner as annual written reports.
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