Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation
Sec. § 408.55029

The Department shall adopt:


Regulations that:


Govern the installation, operation and maintenance of a telecommunications facility by a telecommunications provider which has been granted longitudinal access or wireless access to a right-of-way pursuant to NRS 408.5502;


Specify the procedures for the Department to enter into an agreement with a telecommunications provider to be granted longitudinal access or wireless access to a right-of-way;


Establish a methodology for valuing a right-of-way, excess conduit or related transportation facilities;


Provide for the relocation or removal of a telecommunications facility if:


The Department needs to make any necessary changes to any road, route, highway or interstate;


An agreement between the Department and a telecommunications provider expires; or


A telecommunications provider breaches its agreement with the Department;


Provide a process for a telecommunications provider to apply for longitudinal access or wireless access within open right-of-way segments; and


Establish a schedule of rates of compensation for longitudinal access or wireless access granted pursuant to NRS 408.5502; and


Any other regulations deemed necessary to carry out the provisions of NRS 408.5501 to 408.55029, inclusive.
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