Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation
Sec. § 408.121
Adoption and use of seal; appointment and duties of Secretary.


The Board shall adopt a seal for use in authenticating contracts, records and proceedings of the Department.


The Board shall appoint a Secretary from within the Department, who shall:


Attend all meetings of the Board.


Keep complete and accurate records of all the meetings, business and transactions of the Board.


Keep in his or her custody the seal of the Board, and may impress it upon all contracts and documents on which it is necessary or appropriate.


With the approval of the Board, prepare upon the request of any interested person copies of any contract or document in his or her custody, and may certify the contract or document. The Secretary shall not permit the originals to be taken from his or her custody by any person except members and employees of the Department.


Receive no extra compensation for his or her services.


The duties of the Secretary are ex officio. The Secretary’s appointment is not subject to the provisions of chapter 284 of NRS.
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