Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation
Sec. § 408.141
Rules; agreements with other states; designation of alternate routes for transportation of hazardous material.

The Board may:


Adopt such rules, bylaws, motions and resolutions, not inconsistent with this chapter, as are necessary to govern the administration, activities and proceedings of the Department.


On behalf of the State of Nevada, enter into agreements with any adjoining state, or any proper agency of such a state, for the construction, reconstruction, improvement, operation and maintenance by any party to such agreement, in such manner and by such means as are provided in the agreement, of bridges over interstate waters, and may enter into like agreements with respect to the construction, reconstruction, improvement, operation and maintenance of highways within the State of Nevada or an adjoining state, when the highways are at or near the common boundary of the states.


Authorize the Department to join associations of highway officials of other states and other organizations which have as their purpose the interchange of information and the establishment of standards and policies relating to highway construction, reconstruction, improvement, maintenance and administration.


Designate by regulation alternative routes for the transport of radioactive, chemical or other hazardous materials over the highways or county roads of this state, in lieu of the preferred highways for such transport designated by the United States Department of Transportation, or approve alternative routes set forth in a proposed county or city ordinance if the regulation or ordinance does not conflict with the standards for alternative routes established by the United States Department of Transportation.
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