Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation
Sec. § 408.537
State consent to close public road on public land: Application; notice; duties of planning agencies.


Upon receipt of an application for consent to close a public road on public land, the Department shall give written notice of the application to the planning agencies of the local governments, within 1 week after its receipt of the application.


Each planning agency so notified shall within 45 days after the notice is sent hold a public hearing on the application at the place where it normally meets. If the road is located within the jurisdiction of two or more planning agencies, each of those agencies must hold a hearing.


Each planning agency shall notify the public and every person known to have a vested private right-of-way over the road for the purpose of grazing, mining or any other purpose for which such a private right vests, by publication in one issue of a newspaper of general circulation published in each of the counties in which the land is located and by mailing to the last known address of each private user of the road. The notice must be published at least 20 days before the date set for the hearing and set forth the location of the road and the purpose for closing it as stated in the application. The cost of publishing the notice must be borne by the United States or by someone in its behalf.


The planning agency shall deliver its written recommendation on the application, including the reasons for its recommendation, to the Department within 15 days after the conclusion of its hearing on the application.


The application must contain such information and supporting documents as are prescribed in regulations adopted by the Department with the approval of the Board.
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