Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation
Sec. § 408.185
Facsimile signatures of Director and Deputy Directors.


The Director and Deputy Directors may use a facsimile signature produced through a mechanical device in place of their handwritten signatures whenever the necessity may arise.


Such a device must be of such a nature that the facsimile signature plate may be inserted and removed from the mechanical device only by use of two locking keys.


Such facsimile signatures must be made and used only under the personal direction and supervision of the Director or Deputy Director whose signature the facsimile represents.


All of the facsimile signature plates and locking keys must at all times be kept in a vault, securely locked when not in use, to the end that any misuse, fraudulent use or other improper use is prevented.


Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, the Director or a Deputy Director and the State Treasurer may combine their facsimile signatures as provided in NRS 226.080.
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