Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation
Sec. § 408.275
Surveys, maps and studies of traffic; roadside parks; rest areas; receipt of federal money; regulations.


The Department shall prepare highway planning surveys, maps and traffic studies for the purposes of securing, preserving and furnishing all necessary information relative to all highways of the State.


The Department may construct and maintain roadside parks for the convenience of the traveling public at such locations as the Director selects.


In order to provide information for the traveling public, the Director may maintain maps, informational directories and advertising pamphlets at safety rest areas. The Director may, with the concurrence of the Board, contract with persons experienced in financing and operating centers for the dissemination of maps, directories, advertising pamphlets and other information of interest to the traveling public by leasing to those persons available land at safety rest areas for such periods of time and for such considerations as are determined by the Director to be in the best interests of the State of Nevada.


The Department may receive any federal money available for the purposes of this section under the federal acts described in NRS 408.245.


The Department shall adopt appropriate regulations governing the use of roadside parks and safety rest areas in the State.
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