Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation
Sec. § 408.523
Summary vacation and abandonment of portion of state highway superseded by relocation or in excess of needs; resolution of Board; recordation.


The Board may retain or may summarily vacate and abandon any portion of a state highway if that portion has been superseded by relocation or has been determined to be in excess of the needs of the Department.


The Board shall act to abandon any easement, or to vacate any highway, by resolution. A certified copy of the resolution may be recorded without acknowledgment, certificate of acknowledgment, or further proof, in the office of the county recorder of each county wherein any portion of the easement to be abandoned, or the highway to be vacated, lies. No fee may be charged for such recordation. Upon recordation, the abandonment or vacation is complete.


When a highway for which the State holds only an easement is abandoned, or when any other easement is abandoned, the property previously subject thereto is free from the public easement for highway purposes. Where the State owns in fee the property on which the vacated highway was located, the Department shall dispose of that property as provided in NRS 408.533.


In any proceeding for the abandonment or vacation of any state highway or part thereof, the Board may reserve and except therefrom any easements, rights or interests in the highway deemed desirable and in the best interests of the State.
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