Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation
Sec. § 408.200
Duties of Director: Standards for construction and maintenance; telecommunications facilities within rights-of-way; cooperation with county officers.


The Director shall investigate and determine the methods of highway construction best adapted to the various sections of the State, and shall establish standards and specifications for the construction and maintenance of the highways, giving due regard to the topography, natural conditions, character and availability of road-building materials.


The Director shall coordinate with telecommunications providers, as defined in NRS 408.55062, for the reasonable, efficient and cost effective installation, maintenance, operation, relocation and upgrade of telecommunications facilities within rights-of-way for state highways as follows:


For rights-of-way not on an interstate, the Department may place additional conduit and related facilities within such rights-of-way for use by telecommunications providers based on the potential use by such providers, as determined by the Department. The Department may grant use of such conduit and related facilities by telecommunications providers in exchange for a trade value, as determined by the Department, for such use from such providers. A telecommunications provider is not entitled to compensation for its expenses to relocate from the conduit infrastructure of the Department unless such provider has a right of occupancy in its current location because it holds a compensable real property interest.


For rights-of-way on an interstate, the Department may grant longitudinal access to such rights-of-way in accordance with NRS 408.55048 to 408.55088, inclusive.


The Director may construct, reconstruct, operate and maintain materials testing and research laboratory facilities as may be necessary to establish and maintain such standards and specifications.


The Director may be consulted by county officials, including members of regional transportation commissions, having authority over streets and highways within their respective counties relative to any question involving such streets and highways; and the Director may, in like manner, obtain from such county officials all such information or assistance as they may render in the performance of the Director’s duties with their county, and such county officials shall supply such information when requested by the Director.
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