Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation
Sec. § 408.444
Violations: Remedies; exception.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 408.451, if the Director finds that any person is engaged or is about to engage in any act or practice which violates any rule, regulation, standard, permit or order issued by the Director for the purposes of NRS 408.441, the Director may:


Issue an order for compliance pursuant to NRS 408.446;


Commence a civil action pursuant to NRS 408.448 and 408.449; or


Request that the Attorney General prosecute any person who violates any provision of NRS 408.441 to 408.451, inclusive.


The remedies provided in subsection 1 are cumulative and do not abrogate and are in addition to any other rights, remedies and penalties that may exist at law or in equity, including, without limitation, pursuant to NRS 408.441 to 408.451, inclusive.
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