Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation
Sec. § 408.487
Acquisition of property: Purposes.


In all cases of highways constructed, reconstructed or improved under the provisions of this chapter which are located or relocated over privately owned property the Department may acquire, in the name of the State, either in fee or in any lesser estate or interest, any real property or interest therein and any personal property which it considers necessary.


The property which may be acquired for those purposes includes, but is not limited to, real property, interests therein, improvements located thereon and personal property for any of the following purposes:


For rights-of-way for both present and future needs for highways of all types, including highways constructed within towns and cities.


For exchanging the property or interests therein for other property or interests therein required for highway purposes to avoid the payment of excessive compensation or damages.


For sites on which to relocate structures which are within the right-of-way of a projected highway.


For sites for storage, communications and maintenance and for administrative, recreational and historical purposes and necessary appurtenances in connection with those sites.


For extraction of material, including rock quarries, gravel pits, sand or earth borrow pits, or other roadway material; also to obtain water from any source for any purpose which may be necessary for the construction and maintenance of the highways and their appurtenances.


For the culture and support of trees and other flora which will benefit the highways in any way, including the increasing of the scenic beauty of the highways.


For drainage in connection with any highway.


For the maintenance of an unobstructed view of any portion of a highway so as to promote the safety of the traveling public.


For the placement of directional signs and other signs, construction of fences, curbs, barriers, and obstructions as may be necessary for the safety and convenience of the traveling public.


For constructing and maintaining highway cut and fill slopes.


For public parks, playgrounds, recreational grounds and sites adjoining highway or freeway rights-of-way; acquisition of sites to replace housing; and acquisition and rehabilitation, relocation and construction of housing to replace other housing acquired.
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