Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation

Sec. § 408.285
State highways; designation of other highways and roads as state highways and state routes; route numbers; roads for state parks.


Except as provided in subsection 2, only those highways which are owned and maintained by the Department in accordance with the provisions of this chapter are state highways, and the Department is responsible for their construction, reconstruction, improvement and maintenance. Money available to the State through the Acts of Congress described in NRS 408.245 or any other federal acts may be used therefor. When federal money is made available under federal acts authorizing the use of federal money to build roads in the national forests, the Board may set aside for that purpose and expend highway money on state highways built by the Federal Government.


Unless it has been expressly designated as a state highway, every other highway, road, street, lane, sidewalk, alley, pathway, waterway or any other way for the passage of a person, animal or vehicle is not a state highway, and the Department is not liable for any damage arising from the use of that highway or for any hazard or deficiency in that highway. Designation of any such way as a state highway may be accomplished only by a written agreement properly executed by the Director and recorded in the county in which the highway is located.


Other highways may be designated by the Director as state routes if:


They connect or extend existing state highways; or


Their construction, reconstruction, improvement and maintenance by the Department is anticipated within a reasonable period.


For administrative purposes all state highways and routes may be selected, designated and assigned route numbers by the Director. Numbers selected may conform so far as possible to applicable federal designations of routes.


All roads connecting state parks with state or county highways or city streets, where the title thereto is in the State, are parts of the state highway system and may be maintained by the State. The Department may construct and maintain roads within state parks subject to approval of locations and design by the Division of State Parks of the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

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