Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation
Sec. § 408.233
Planning Division: Responsibilities and duties; operation of railroad or airport prohibited.


The primary responsibilities of the Planning Division are to:


Develop and coordinate balanced transportation policy and planning which are consistent with the social, economic and environmental goals of the State. The plan must be designed to meet the present and future needs of the State and local areas of the State for adequate, safe and efficient transportation facilities and services at a reasonable cost to the taxpayer.


Coordinate local plans for balanced transportation facilities and services and assist in application for federal grants which must be submitted through an appropriate or designated state agency. The facilities and services may include, but are not limited to, highways, pathways and special lanes for bicycles, railways, urban public transportation and aviation. The authority and duties of the Department with respect to aviation are limited to areas outside the jurisdiction of any airport authority.


The Planning Division, in cooperation with other state agencies and with agencies of local government, shall:


Establish planning techniques and processes for all modes of transportation at an appropriate level, according to the requirements of the State and local areas of the State.


Prepare, revise when appropriate, provide supporting information for and assist in carrying out the transportation plan by providing assistance in the development of the Department’s capital program for all modes of transportation.


Test and evaluate the policies, plans, proposals, systems, programs and projects of the Department within the framework of the goals of the Department.


Conduct research in planning techniques, travel needs, transportation potential for the State, investigating, testing and demonstrating methods and equipment suitable for application to the problems of transportation facing the State.


The Department shall not operate any railroad or airport.
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