Nevada Highways; Roads; Bridges; Parks; Outdoor Recreation
Sec. § 408.255
Federal acts: Secondary and feeder highways; contracts; pledge to match federal money.


The Department is authorized:


To enter into all contracts and agreements with the United States Government relating to the engineering, planning, surveying, preparing of plans, acquiring of property, constructing and maintaining of secondary and feeder highways and roads.


To submit such schemes, plans and programs of construction and maintenance as may be required by the Secretary of Commerce and the Federal Highway Administrator.


To do all other things necessary to carry out the cooperation and programs contemplated and provided for by such federal acts in the construction and maintenance of such secondary and feeder highways and roads, including farm-to-market, mine-to-market, rural free delivery, public school bus and other rural roads.


For the engineering, planning, constructing and improving of such secondary and feeder highways and roads under the Acts of Congress described in NRS 408.245, the good faith of the State is hereby pledged to make available funds sufficient to match, in the proportion designated in such acts, the sums of money apportioned to the State by or under the United States Government and to maintain at its own expense the highways and roads so constructed with the aid of funds so designated and make adequate provisions for carrying out such maintenance.
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