Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 439.993
Confidentiality of records; use of information.


Any record of a person which is created or obtained for use by a sterile hypodermic device program must be kept confidential and:


Is not open for public inspection or disclosure;


Must not be shared with any other person or entity without the consent of the person to whom the record relates; and


Must not be discoverable or admissible during any legal proceeding.


A record described in subsection 1 must not be used:


To initiate or substantiate any criminal charge against a person who participates in the sterile hypodermic device program; or


As grounds for conducting any investigation of a person who participates in the sterile hypodermic device program.


The staff and volunteers of a sterile hypodermic device program shall not be compelled to provide evidence in any criminal proceeding conducted pursuant to the laws of this State concerning any information that was entrusted to them or became known to them through the program.


The use of any personal information of any person who participates in a sterile hypodermic device program or of the staff or volunteers of the sterile hypodermic device program in research and evaluation must be done in such a manner as to guarantee the anonymity of the person.


Aggregate data from a sterile hypodermic device program, including, without limitation, demographic information, the number of clients contacted and the types of referrals may be made available to the public.
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