Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 439.2793
Duties of Division.

To carry out the provisions of NRS 439.271 to 439.2794, inclusive, the Division shall, with advice and recommendations of the Advisory Committee:


Establish a solid scientific database of the most current information on the importance of oral health, using information obtained through surveillance, epidemiology and research related to oral health;


Provide educational materials and information on research concerning matters relating to oral health to health care professionals, providers of oral health care and the public, including, without limitation, materials and information concerning programs and services available to the public and strategies for the prevention of oral diseases;


Coordinate the establishment of regional coalitions to support the efforts of the Program;


Increase public awareness about the prevention, detection and treatment of oral diseases among state and local governmental officials who are responsible for matters relating to oral health, health care professionals, providers of oral health care and policymakers;


Coordinate state and local programs and services to ensure that the public has adequate access to dental services;


Work with other governmental agencies, national health organizations and their local and state chapters, community and business leaders, community organizations and providers of oral health care to:


Coordinate the work of the Program with the work of those agencies, organizations and persons; and


Maximize the resources of state and local governments in the efforts to educate the public about the importance of oral health, including, without limitation, the prevention and detection of oral diseases and proper oral hygiene;


Develop and carry out public awareness and media campaigns in each county, targeting groups of persons who are considered at risk for developing oral diseases;


Evaluate the need to improve the quality and accessibility of dental services that exist in communities in this State; and


Develop and coordinate, in cooperation with the Department of Education, recommendations for dental programs to encourage proper oral hygiene by children.
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