Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 439.942
Establishment; requirements to become client; administrators; confidentiality; protection of information; maintenance.


The Division may establish a secure Internet website which makes certain information available for a website client to conduct an investigation into the background and personal history of a person that is required pursuant to the provisions of this chapter or chapter 62B, 63, 424, 427A, 432, 432A, 432B, 433, 433B, 435 or 449 of NRS.
2. To become a website client, a person or governmental entity must:


Create an account on the Internet website;


Comply with NRS 439.942 to 439.948, inclusive, and any regulations adopted pursuant thereto governing use of the Internet website; and


Designate a website client administrator who is responsible for:


Determining the persons who are authorized to use the Internet website;


Providing the Division with the names of the persons who are authorized to use the Internet website;


Ensuring that only those authorized persons have access to the Internet website; and


Notifying the Division of any change in the persons who are authorized to use the Internet website.


Authorized employees of the Division and of the Department of Public Safety may be designated to serve as administrators of the Internet website with access to all the data and information on the Internet website.


Except as otherwise provided in this section and NRS 239.0115, information collected, maintained, stored, backed up or on file on the Internet website is confidential, not subject to subpoena or discovery and is not subject to inspection by the general public.


The Division shall ensure that any information collected, maintained and stored on the Internet website is protected adequately from fire, theft, loss, destruction, other hazards and unauthorized access, and is backed-up in a manner that ensures proper confidentiality and security.


The Internet website must be maintained in accordance with any requirements of the Division of Enterprise Information Technology Services of the Department of Administration established for use of the equipment or services of the Division pursuant to NRS 242.181.
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