Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 439.2792
Advisory Committee on the State Program for Oral Health: Creation; duties; appointment and terms of members; quorum; Chair; meetings.


There is hereby created within the Division of Public and Behavioral Health the Advisory Committee on the State Program for Oral Health to advise and make recommendations to the Division concerning the Program.


The Administrator shall appoint to the Advisory Committee 13 members, including, without limitation, one or more persons who are representatives of:


Public health care professionals and educators;


Providers of oral health care;


Persons knowledgeable in promoting and educating the public on oral health issues; and


National dental and other oral health organizations and their local or state chapters.


After the initial terms, the members of the Advisory Committee serve terms of 2 years commencing on July 1. A member may be reappointed.


Members of the Advisory Committee serve without compensation, except that each member is entitled, while engaged in the business of the Advisory Committee, to the per diem allowance and travel expenses provided for state officers and employees generally.


Any member of the Advisory Committee who is a public employee must be granted administrative leave from his or her duties to engage in the business of the Advisory Committee without loss of his or her regular compensation. Such leave does not reduce the amount of the member’s other accrued leave.


A majority of the members of the Advisory Committee constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business, and a majority of a quorum present at any meeting is sufficient for any official action taken by the Advisory Committee.


The Advisory Committee shall:


At its first meeting and annually thereafter, elect a Chair from among its members;


Meet at the call of the Director, the Chair or a majority of its members as necessary and within the budget of the Advisory Committee; and


On or before July 1 of each year, submit a written report to the Administrator summarizing the activities of the Advisory Committee and any recommendations of the Advisory Committee.

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