Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 439.587
Designation and duties of Director as state authority for health information technology; authorization to establish or contract with exchange; adoption of regulations and other necessary actions authorized.


The Director is the state authority for health information technology. The Director shall:


Ensure that a health information exchange complies with the specifications and protocols for exchanging electronic health records, health-related information and related data prescribed pursuant to the provisions of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009, 42 U.S.C. §§ 300jj et seq. and 17901 et seq., and other applicable federal and state law;


Encourage the use of a health information exchange by health care providers, payers and patients;


Prescribe by regulation standards for the electronic transmittal of electronic health records, prescriptions, health-related information, electronic signatures and requirements for electronic equivalents of written entries or written approvals in accordance with federal law;


Prescribe by regulation rules governing the ownership, management and use of electronic health records, health-related information and related data retained or shared by a health information exchange; and


Prescribe by regulation, in consultation with the State Board of Pharmacy, standards for the electronic transmission of prior authorizations for prescription medication using a health information exchange.


The Director may establish or contract with not more than one health information exchange to serve as the statewide health information exchange to be responsible for compiling statewide master indexes of patients, health care providers and payers. The Director may by regulation prescribe the requirements for a statewide health information exchange, including, without limitation, the procedure by which any patient, health care provider or payer master index created pursuant to any contract is transferred to the State upon termination of the contract.


The Director may enter into contracts, apply for and accept available gifts, grants and donations, and adopt such regulations as are necessary to carry out the provisions of NRS 439.581 to 439.595, inclusive.
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