Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 439.4931
Regulations of State Board of Health.

The State Board of Health shall by regulation:


Prescribe the form and manner in which information on cases of sickle cell disease and its variants must be reported;


Prescribe the information that must be included in each report, which must include, without limitation:


The name, address, age and ethnicity of the patient;


The variant of sickle cell disease with which the person has been diagnosed;


The method of treatment, including, without limitation, any opioid prescribed for the patient and whether the patient has adequate access to that opioid;


Any other diseases from which the patient suffers, including, without limitation, pneumonia, asthma and gall bladder disease;


Information concerning the usage of and access to health care services by the patient; and


If a patient diagnosed with sickle cell disease and its variants dies, his or her age at death; and


Establish a protocol for allowing appropriate access to and preserving the confidentiality of the records of patients needed for research into sickle cell disease and its variants.
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Feb. 5, 2021