Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 439.5108
Powers; submission of annual report to Director; confidentiality of information and records.


The Committee may:


Conduct investigations and hold hearings in connection with carrying out the provisions of NRS 439.5102 to 439.5108, inclusive.


If appropriate, meet and share information with any person or team specified in subsection 3 of NRS 439.5106.


Petition a district court for the issuance of, and the district court may issue, a subpoena to compel the production of any books, records or papers relevant to any suicide fatality in this State that is the subject of a review conducted by the Committee. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 239.0115, any books, records or papers received by the Committee pursuant to the subpoena shall be deemed confidential and privileged and not subject to disclosure.


Propose recommended legislation concerning suicide fatalities in this State.


Issue a special report to notify the appropriate authorities or members of the public concerning the need to take any prompt corrective action concerning suicide fatalities in this State.


Engage in any other activity required by the Director concerning suicide fatalities in this State.


The Committee shall annually submit to the Director a report concerning the activities of the Committee. The report must include, without limitation, a statement setting forth:


Any trends or patterns in suicide fatalities in this State or serious injuries or risk factors concerning those fatalities; and


In addition to any recommendation made pursuant to NRS 439.5106, any recommendations for changes in any law, policy or practice that may assist the Committee in preventing suicide fatalities in this State or related serious occurrences.


A report submitted pursuant to subsection 2 must not include any confidential or privileged information.


Except as otherwise provided in this section and NRS 239.0115, any information acquired by or any records of the Committee are confidential, must not be disclosed and are not subject to subpoena, discovery or introduction into evidence in any civil or criminal proceeding.

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