Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 439.366
Powers and jurisdiction of district board of health and district health department; regulations of district board of health.


The district board of health has the powers, duties and authority of a county board of health in the health district.


The district health department has jurisdiction over all public health matters in the health district.


In addition to any other powers, duties and authority conferred on a district board of health by this section, the district board of health may by affirmative vote of a majority of all the members of the board adopt regulations consistent with law, which must take effect immediately on their approval by the State Board of Health, to:


Prevent and control nuisances;


Regulate sanitation and sanitary practices in the interests of the public health;


Provide for the sanitary protection of water and food supplies;


Protect and promote the public health generally in the geographical area subject to the jurisdiction of the health district; and


Improve the quality of health care services for members of minority groups and medically underserved populations.


Before the adoption, amendment or repeal of a regulation, the district board of health must give at least 30 days’ notice of its intended action. The notice must:


Include a statement of either the terms or substance of the proposal or a description of the subjects and issues involved, and of the time when, the place where and the manner in which interested persons may present their views thereon;


State each address at which the text of the proposal may be inspected and copied; and


Be mailed to all persons who have requested in writing that they be placed on a mailing list, which must be kept by the board for such purpose.


All interested persons must be afforded a reasonable opportunity to submit data, views or arguments, orally or in writing, on the intended action to adopt, amend or repeal the regulation. With respect to substantive regulations, the district board of health shall set a time and place for an oral public hearing, but if no one appears who will be directly affected by the proposal and requests an oral hearing, the district board of health may proceed immediately to act upon any written submissions. The district board of health shall consider fully all written and oral submissions respecting the proposal.


The district board of health shall file a copy of all of its adopted regulations with the county clerk.
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