Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 439.150
State Board of Health supreme in matters concerning health; Department designated agency for federal cooperation; fees.


The State Board of Health is hereby declared to be supreme in all nonadministrative health matters. It has general supervision over all matters, except for administrative matters and as otherwise provided in NRS 439.950 to 439.983, inclusive, relating to the preservation of the health and lives of citizens of this State and over the work of the Chief Medical Officer and all district, county and city health departments, boards of health and health officers.


The Department is hereby designated as the agency of this State to cooperate with the federal authorities in the administration of those parts of the Social Security Act which relate to the general promotion of public health. It may receive and expend all money made available to the Division by the Federal Government, the State of Nevada or its political subdivisions, or from any other source, for the purposes provided in this chapter. In developing and revising any state plan in connection with federal assistance for health programs, the Department shall consider, without limitation, the amount of money available from the Federal Government for those programs, the conditions attached to the acceptance of that money and the limitations of legislative appropriations for those programs.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 576.128, the State Board of Health may set reasonable fees for the:


Licensing, registering, certifying, inspecting or granting of permits for any facility, establishment or service regulated by the Division;


Programs and services of the Division;


Review of plans; and


Certification and licensing of personnel.
Ê Fees set pursuant to this subsection must be calculated to produce for that period the revenue from the fees projected in the budget approved for the Division by the Legislature.
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