Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 439.230
Personal and statistical information to be secured from patient admitted or committed to public or private institution.


All superintendents or managers, or other persons in charge of hospitals, almshouses, lying-in or other institutions, public or private, to which persons resort for treatment of diseases, or confinement, or are committed by process of law, shall make a record of all the personal and statistical particulars relative to the inmates of their institutions at the time of their admission on the forms of the certificates provided for by law and as directed by the State Board of Health.


In case of persons admitted or committed for medical treatment of disease, the physician in charge shall specify for entry in the record the nature of the disease and where, in his or her opinion, it was contracted.


The personal particulars and information required by this section shall be obtained from the patient, if it is practicable to do so. When they cannot be so obtained, they shall be secured in as complete a manner as possible from relatives, friends or other persons acquainted with the facts.

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