Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 439.360
County board of health: Powers.

The county board of health may:


Abate nuisances in accordance with law.


Establish and maintain an isolation hospital or quarantine station when necessary for the isolation or quarantine of a person or a group of persons.


Restrain, quarantine and disinfect any person or group of persons sick with or exposed to any contagious or infectious disease that is dangerous to the public health.


Appoint quarantine officers when necessary to enforce a quarantine, shall provide whatever medicines, disinfectants and provisions which may be required, and shall arrange for the payment of all debts or charges so incurred from any funds available, but each patient shall, if the patient is able, pay for his or her food, medicine, clothes and medical attendance.


Subject to the prior review and approval of the board of county commissioners and except as otherwise provided in NRS 576.128, adopt a schedule of reasonable fees to be collected for issuing or renewing any health permit or license required to be obtained from the board pursuant to a law of this state or an ordinance adopted by any political subdivision of this state. Such fees must be for the sole purpose of defraying the costs and expenses of the procedures for issuing licenses and permits, and investigations related thereto, and not for the purposes of general revenue.
District Board of Health and District Health Officer in Counties Whose Population is 700,000 or More
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