Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 439.272
State Dental Health Officer: Appointment by Division; classification; qualifications; duties; outside pursuits; solicitation and acceptance of gifts and grants.


The Division shall appoint, with the consent of the Director, a State Dental Health Officer, who may serve in the unclassified service of the State or as a contractor for the Division. The State Dental Health Officer must:


Be a resident of this State;


Hold a current license to practice dentistry issued pursuant to chapter 631 of NRS; and


Be appointed on the basis of his or her education, training and experience and his or her interest in public dental health and related programs.


The State Dental Health Officer shall:


Determine the needs of the residents of this State for public dental health;


Provide the Advisory Committee and the Division with advice regarding public dental health;


Make recommendations to the Advisory Committee, the Division and the Legislature regarding programs in this State for public dental health;


Work collaboratively with the State Public Health Dental Hygienist; and


Seek such information and advice from the Advisory Committee or from any dental education program in this State, including any such programs of the Nevada System of Higher Education, as necessary to carry out his or her duties.


The State Dental Health Officer shall devote all of his or her time to the business of his or her office and shall not pursue any other business or vocation or hold any other office of profit.


Pursuant to NRS 439.2794, the Division may solicit and accept gifts and grants to pay the costs associated with oral health programs.
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