Nevada Public Health and Safety
Sec. § 439.505
Duties of Division.

To carry out the purposes of the Arthritis Prevention and Control Program established pursuant to NRS 439.501, the Division shall, within the limitations of available funding:


Establish a solid scientific database of the most current information on the prevention of arthritis and related disabilities using information obtained through surveillance, epidemiology and research relating to the prevention of arthritis, and use the database in carrying out the Program;


Provide educational materials and information on research concerning matters relating to arthritis to persons with arthritis, their families, health care professionals, providers of health care and the public, including, without limitation, materials and information concerning programs and services available to the public and strategies for the prevention and control of arthritis;


Identify and use educational and training resources and services developed by organizations with appropriate expertise in and knowledge of arthritis, including, without limitation, any available technical assistance;


Increase awareness about the prevention, detection and treatment of arthritis among state and local governmental officials who are responsible for matters relating to public health, health care professionals, providers of health care and policymakers;


Coordinate state and local programs and services to reduce the public health burdens that result from arthritis;


Work to improve the quality of life of persons with arthritis and their families while containing the costs of health care services by providing lasting improvements in the delivery of health care services to persons with arthritis;


Work with other governmental agencies, national health organizations and their local and state chapters, community and business leaders, community organizations and providers of health care and other persons who provide services to persons with arthritis to:


Coordinate the work of the Program with the work of these agencies, organizations and persons; and


Maximize the resources of state and local governments in the efforts toward educating the public about arthritis, including, without limitation, preventing, detecting, managing the pain caused by, and treating arthritis;


Provide sufficient staff from the Division and provide the appropriate training and education for the staff to administer the Program;


Evaluate the need to improve the quality and accessibility of arthritis services that exist in communities in this state; and


Conduct an assessment of the services provided for persons with arthritis in this state and the public awareness in this state of issues concerning arthritis, including, without limitation:


Any epidemiological and other research concerning arthritis being conducted in this state;


Any available technical assistance and educational materials and programs concerning arthritis that are available nationwide or within this state;


The level of public awareness and awareness of health care professionals and providers of health care concerning the prevention, detection and treatment of arthritis;


The needs of persons with arthritis and their families or caregivers;


The educational and other needs of providers of health care who provide services to persons with arthritis;


The services and education available to persons with arthritis, including, without limitation, services for the treatment and management of arthritis;


Any programs or services that improve the quality of life, lower health care costs and expand the physical capabilities of those affected by arthritis; and


The existence of services for the rehabilitation of persons with arthritis.
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