Nevada Correctional Institutions; Aid to Victims of Crime
Sec. § 209.131
Director of Department: Duties.

The Director shall:


Administer the Department under the direction of the Board.


Supervise the administration of all institutions and facilities of the Department.


Receive, retain and release, in accordance with law, offenders sentenced to imprisonment in the state prison.


Be responsible for the supervision, custody, treatment, care, security and discipline of all offenders under his or her jurisdiction.


Ensure that any person employed by the Department whose primary responsibilities are:


The supervision, custody, security, discipline, safety and transportation of an offender;


The security and safety of the staff; and


The security and safety of an institution or facility of the Department,
Ê is a correctional officer who has the powers of a peace officer pursuant to subsection 1 of NRS 289.220.


Establish regulations with the approval of the Board and enforce all laws governing the administration of the Department and the custody, care and training of offenders.


Take proper measures to protect the health and safety of the staff and offenders in the institutions and facilities of the Department.


Take proper measures to protect the health and safety of persons employed by a school district to operate a program of education for incarcerated persons in an institution or facility pursuant to chapter 388H of NRS.


Cause to be placed from time to time in conspicuous places about each institution and facility copies of laws and regulations relating to visits and correspondence between offenders and others.


Provide for the holding of religious services in the institutions and facilities and make available to the offenders copies of appropriate religious materials.


Compile the last known residential address of each offender immediately before the offender was sentenced to imprisonment in a facility or institution of the Department.
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