Nevada Correctional Institutions; Aid to Victims of Crime

Sec. § 209.457
Program for operating conservation camps.


The State Forester Firewarden shall, in cooperation with the Department, establish and carry out a program for operating conservation camps in this State.


The program established pursuant to subsection 1:


May use offenders who are committed to the custody of the Department and eligible for assignment to an institution or facility of minimum security pursuant to the provisions of NRS 209.481 and the regulations adopted pursuant thereto to perform work relating to firefighting, forestry conservation programs, public safety and other work projects, including, without limitation, day labor projects, emergency response and work projects that promote conservation of natural resources and human resources; and


Must include the training necessary to prepare the staff of a conservation camp and the offenders assigned to the conservation camp to assist in firefighting and other work projects in a safe manner.


The State Forester Firewarden, with the approval of the Director of the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, may enter into:


Contracts with any state or federal public agency, municipal corporation or any person for the performance of conservation projects, including, without limitation, conservation projects relating to forest fire protection and control, watershed management, soil conservation, vegetation management, range management and the beautification of highways; and


Cooperative agreements with federal agencies, counties, county fire protection districts, cities and private landowners to carry out a program for operating conservation camps as set forth in this section.

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