Nevada Correctional Institutions; Aid to Victims of Crime
Sec. § 209.389
Board to establish programs for general education, vocational education and training and other rehabilitation.


The Board shall establish by regulation programs of general education, vocational education and training and other rehabilitation for offenders.


The regulations must take appropriate account of the following matters:


The educational level and needs of offenders;


Opportunities for employment when the offender is released from custody;


Interests of offenders; and


The number of offenders desiring participation in such programs.


The regulations must provide for an assessment of these programs at least every 3 years by qualified persons, professional groups or trade associations.


No offender has a right to be admitted to a program of education, vocational education and training or other rehabilitation programs established pursuant to this section, and it is not intended that the establishment of such programs or the failure to establish such programs creates any right or interest in liberty or property or establishes a basis for any cause of action against the State, its political subdivisions, agencies, boards, commissions, departments officers or employees.
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