Nevada Correctional Institutions; Aid to Victims of Crime
Sec. § 209.261
Transportation of offender to appropriate institution or facility.


Upon notification by the county clerk of any county in this State that a person is being held under sentence of imprisonment in the state prison, the Director shall immediately provide for the transportation of the offender from the place of confinement to an appropriate institution or facility of the Department.


The expense of such transportation is a charge against the Department and must be paid upon approval by the Board as other claims against the State are paid.


The reasonable expenses of maintaining every person sentenced to imprisonment in the state prison, after 5 days’ notice to the Director, is a charge against the Department.


The officer in charge of transporting an offender is entitled to receive allowances for transportation and subsistence at the rates provided for state employees.


In all cases where an appeal is sustained by the appellate court of competent jurisdiction pursuant to the rules fixed by the Supreme Court pursuant to Section 4 of Article 6 of the Nevada Constitution, further transportation of the offender is at the expense of the county in which the offender was convicted and at the same rate as provided in subsection 4.
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