Nevada Correctional Institutions; Aid to Victims of Crime
Sec. § 209.2475
Deductions from individual account of offender: Limitations; disposition of remaining money upon release of offender; reduction or elimination; transmittal.


The Director shall not make any deduction from the individual account of an offender in the Prisoners’ Personal Property Fund if the balance in the account is below the minimum balance designated by the Director pursuant to this subsection. The Director shall designate the minimum balance of an account of an offender required before such other deductions or withdrawals from the account may be made by the Director or the offender.


Upon the release of an offender, any money from any source remaining in an account of the offender may be used to reimburse the Department for any expenses related to his or her release, including, but not limited to, any expenses incurred by the Department pursuant to NRS 209.511 or for transportation of the offender.


The Director may reduce or eliminate a deduction authorized pursuant to NRS 209.247 or 209.463 to the extent necessary to comply with a restriction imposed by federal law on deductions from wages of an offender or from the account of an offender.


The Director may, if appropriate, transmit a deduction made pursuant to NRS 209.247 or 209.463 directly to the person, entity or fund for whom the deduction was made.
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