Nevada Correctional Institutions; Aid to Victims of Crime
Sec. § 209.427
Assignment of offender to program; withdrawal of offender from program.


If the results of an evaluation conducted pursuant to NRS 484C.300 or 488.430 indicate that an offender has an alcohol or other substance use disorder and that the offender can be treated successfully for his or her condition, the Director shall, except as otherwise provided in this section, assign the offender to the program of treatment established pursuant to NRS 209.425. Such an assignment must be, to the extent that the period reasonably can be predicted, for the year, or as much thereof as practicable, immediately preceding the date the offender is due to be released from prison, either on parole or at the expiration of the offender’s term.


Before assigning an offender to a program of treatment, the Director, in cooperation with the Division of Parole and Probation of the Department of Public Safety, shall determine, to the extent possible:


The length of time remaining on the offender’s sentence, taking into consideration any credits earned by the offender; and


The likelihood that the offender will complete the entire program of treatment.


The Director shall when assigning offenders to the program, to the extent possible, give preference to those offenders who appear to the Director capable of successfully completing the entire program.


The Director is not required to assign an offender to the program of treatment if the offender is not eligible for assignment to an institution or facility of minimum security pursuant to the provisions of NRS 209.481 and the regulations adopted pursuant thereto.


The Director may withdraw the offender from the program of treatment at any time if the Director determines that the offender:


Is not responding satisfactorily to the program; or


Has failed or refused to comply with any term or condition of the program.


As used in this section, “entire program” means both phases of the program established pursuant to NRS 209.425, for offenders who have not been released from prison, and NRS 209.429, for offenders who have been assigned to the custody of the Division of Parole and Probation of the Department of Public Safety.
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