Nevada Correctional Institutions; Aid to Victims of Crime
Sec. § 209.4818
Committee on Industrial Programs: Duties.


The Committee on Industrial Programs shall:


Be informed on issues and developments relating to industrial programs for correctional institutions;


Submit a semiannual report to the Interim Finance Committee before July 1 and December 1 of each year on the status of current and proposed industrial programs for correctional institutions;


Report to the Legislature on any other matter relating to industrial programs for correctional institutions that it deems appropriate;


Meet at least quarterly and at the call of the Chair to review the operation of current and proposed industrial programs;


Recommend three persons to the Director for appointment as the Deputy Director for Industrial Programs whenever a vacancy exists;


Before any new industrial program is established by the Director, review the proposed program for compliance with the requirements of subsections 2, 3, 4 and 7 of NRS 209.461 and submit to the Director its recommendations concerning the proposed program; and


Review each state-sponsored industry program established pursuant to subsection 2 of NRS 209.461 to determine whether the program is operating profitably. If the Committee determines that a program has incurred a net loss in 3 consecutive fiscal years, the Committee shall report its finding to the Director with a recommendation regarding whether the program should be continued or terminated. If the Director does not accept the recommendation of the Committee, the Director shall submit a written report to the Committee setting forth his or her reasons for rejecting the recommendation.


Upon the request of the Committee on Industrial Programs, the Director and the Deputy Director for Industrial Programs shall provide to the Committee any information that the Committee determines is relevant to the performance of the duties of the Committee.


As used in this section, “state-sponsored industry program” means a program for the vocational training or employment of offenders which does not include a contract of employment with a private employer.
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