Nevada Correctional Institutions; Aid to Victims of Crime

Sec. § 209.4615
Offender to obtain approval of Director for employment, contractual activity or business activity; private employment of offender.


An offender shall obtain the approval of the Director before the offender:


Engages in any employment, including, but not limited to, employment by a private employer or self-employment;


Enters into a contract; or


Participates in a business activity.


The Director has sole discretion to approve or disapprove employment, contractual activity or business activity pursuant to subsection 1 and may withdraw approval at any time.


An offender who is employed by a private employer shall:


Deposit his or her income from such employment in the offender’s individual account in the Prisoners’ Personal Property Fund;


Provide the Director with a copy of all the offender’s federal income tax returns, reports and withholding forms when they become available to the offender; and


Provide the Director with a record of any of the offender’s bank accounts, including, but not limited to, a checking account, savings account, investment account or account with a brokerage firm, upon a request from the Director.


Upon request of the Director, a private employer who employs an offender shall provide the Director with:


Monthly statements accounting for all wages the employer paid to the offender; and


Any additional information concerning the employment of the offender that is requested by the Director.

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