Nevada Correctional Institutions; Aid to Victims of Crime
Sec. § 209.4291
Establishment of program; duties of Department; condition of participation in program.


The Department of Corrections shall establish a diversion program within the correctional institutions or other facilities maintained by the Department.


The Department of Corrections shall ensure that facilities of adequate capacity for the diversion program are available in one or more suitable locations within the State. The Department shall not be required to provide housing for more than 50 probation violators at one time.


The Department of Corrections shall provide a healthful diet and appropriate, secure and sanitary housing and necessary emergency medical services for the probation violators who are placed in the diversion program, but the Department is not responsible for providing treatment to the probation violators remanded to the diversion program pursuant to NRS 209.4293.


As a condition of participation in the program, a probationer must release in writing the Department from liability and agree to abide by the applicable rules and regulations of the Department.
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