Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 289.220
Director, officers and designated employees of Department of Corrections; certain employees of detention facilities of metropolitan police department.


The Director of the Department of Corrections, the Inspector General of the Department, a person employed by the Department as a criminal investigator and any officer or employee of the Department so designated by the Director have the powers of a peace officer when performing duties prescribed by the Director. For the purposes of this subsection, the duties which may be prescribed by the Director include, but are not limited to, pursuit and return of escaped offenders, transportation and escort of offenders and the general exercise of control over offenders within or outside the confines of the institutions and facilities of the Department.


A person appointed pursuant to NRS 211.115 to administer detention facilities or a jail, and his or her subordinate jailers, corrections officers and other employees whose duties involve law enforcement have the powers of a peace officer.

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